Fragment of a stela: family group with seated woman

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    Fragment of a stela: family group with seated woman


    Acquis par Rodin entre 1893 et 1913.

    In the Greek world, and particularly in Athens, the funerary stelae erected over graves were carved with relief decoration. This one shows the deceased wearing a tunic and cloak, seated on a stool with her family around her.

    The loss of part of the relief has cropped the composition. A man is still identifiable behind the main figure; leaning on a stick, he stands in front of the head of a servant whose hand is held to her face in a sign of mourning. Traces of a child’s hand are visible on the knees of the deceased.

    The fragmentation of the work focuses attention on the main figure, which stands out in high relief―occupying the space to best advantage, in Rodin’s view. The other, partial figures, tapering upwards in lower relief, are partially legible traces of what has been lost; their fragmentation created a new composition around the face and drapery of the deceased.


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    Date of conception :

    350-375 BC

    Dimensions :

    H. 88 cm; W. 51.5 cm; D. 7.7 cm

    Materials :


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    © Agence photographique du musée Rodin - Pauline Hisbacq



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