Plaster Gallery


Plaster Gallery

The light-filled gallery sets off the plaster works that seem to vibrate in a harmony of white, recreating the atmosphere of a sculptor’s studio. Rodin’s monumental works are presented in their successive states: The Gates of Hell, The Burghers of Calais and the many studies and figures for Balzac and the monuments to Victor Hugo and Whistler.

Visitors are also introduced to Rodin’s use of assemblage: the gallery presents the series of plaster models that testify to the various phases of his work. These provided him with multiple figures that he could modify, transform or assemble with other elements, thereby inventing a personal artistic language that sheds light on his creative approach.

An area dedicated to sculpture techniques presents modeling, molding, bronze casting and marble carving with tools, models and short animated films aimed at visitors of all ages.

Educational videos: making a sculpture

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